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“Be not conformed to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

Monte is the pioneer and founder of Beth Shalom Ministry. Over a period of years the Lord gave her powerful insights and remarkable tools for effecting deep inner healing, and bringing deliverance from recurring destructive patterns. Hugh partners with her in providing one on one Beth Shalom sessions; and in teaching others how they can prayerfully set people free. Both Monte and Hugh are ordained ministers with many years of practical experience in the healing ministry. They also travel across the country and around the world, teaching people this unique and powerful approach to ministry.

Monte Bromiley

From the age of nineteen, Monte has been dedicated to seeking the heart of God and doing things God’s way. Over many years of seeking God’s solutions for hard personal problems in her own life and in the people that the Lord put in front of her, God led Monte to deep insights into His Word and gave her powerful tools for setting those people free. Monte has been ordained for this apostolic healing ministry. The stories of transformation through Jesus are amazing.

Hugh Bromiley

Hugh has served in full time ordained ministry. His greatest joy in the ministry has been the Healing Ministry.  After twenty-five years of pastoring churches, Hugh left to follow his passion and dedicate himself into the healing ministry full time.  He has been active as a leader in the Order of St. Luke Christian Healing Ministry, where he now serves as the North American Director.

Hugh and Monte met at a Healing Conference in Daytona Beach in 2014.  They know that the Lord brought them together both for a loving marriage and to be partners in this ministry that the Lord has given them to lead.  Monte and Hugh now travel across the country and around the world, sharing insights and experience and equipping the saints to rise up and do great works in His name.