Beth Shalom Ministries

A Journey of Deliverance: Monte Bromiley’s Uplifting Interview with Kate Delaney.


Hidden Treasures in Secret Places is a collection of personal stories and encounters of the supernatural life experienced by an unlikely woman. Monte shares secrets God has revealed to her while walking through the ups and downs of life. During her pursuit of a life of freedom and healing, she discovered God’s faithfulness within the promises of His Word. It was on this healing faith journey that God began revealing more to her about His intention to bring heaven to earth in ourdaily lives. Equipped with this new understanding of heaven, experiencing the supernatural realm has become the norm. Subsequently a rapidly growing school of ministry was born and has become a place where many more have been trained to better understand the insights of the kingdom of heaven. Hidden Treasures in Secret Places is merely a glimpse into what God has done in the lives of those touched by Beth Shalom Ministries.