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Beth Shalom is a ministry of inner healing. Shalom means ‘nothing missing; nothing broken, and the absence of chaos’. Through a specific God-led way of deep prayer and spiritual counseling, we see lives miraculously changed. The stories of transformation are amazing!

Our vision is to see the Kingdom of God expanding through people being healed to the very core of their souls. Our mission is to equip the saints by training leaders, helping them to find true wholeness and be more effective in their life and ministries. Our objective is to set people free from the negative patterns in their life that limit and frustrate them. God can change them and turn them into peaceful, joyful and purposeful people.

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Our objective is to set people free from the negative patterns in their life that limit and frustrate them. We know that God can change them and turn them into peaceful, joyful and purposeful people.

People come for a one on one session with Monte or Hugh. Typically these sessions last about three hours. Significantly the Lord is in charge of these sessions and they are life-changing encounters with the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

To schedule an appointment call 512-757- 0613. Please give your name and phone number and Jill will call or text you back to set up your appointment time. Texting to set up an appointment will often be a quicker response time. *Note* There is a waiting list for appointments.


"Thank you for being a vessel the Lord utilized powerfully to minister to my daughter and I last week. There is a new peace in our home. He is continuing to refine me, to cover me in His love, to pour out His healing. His Kindness was displayed through you both and we pray blessing over you, through your obedience in ministering His love."

“Monte prays with wisdom, authority, and love. I am so glad she invested the years of self discipline, scripture study, and obedience to God, developing her keen ear to the Holy Spirit. And we are so blessed by her compassion for others and her selfless purpose to usher others into shalom- wholeness and peace."

"I was there In June and was there about 5 hours...just wanted you both to know that my lupus is in sign of the disease in my body...doc said I may just be his miracle. I would love to come back out one day and sit a while longer but I do feel I am healed! The works that you both do are so miraculous and I’ll appreciate you both the rest of my life."

"I shared the passage from 1 Thessalonians with her at the end of the ministry time and she wept. Her words were, ‘I do feel put back together again. I was so afraid there was no hope for me, now I can go on with my life.’ She left full of joy and hope.” -Monte

"She had poured out her soul, her money, and her time in hope of healing and all they could do was diagnose her as “very broken.” Her hopes were now shattered as well as her soul. I listened to this precious woman’s stories and prayed with her as the Lord led. She experienced His heart for her. She encountered the Living God! She left here full of joy and in one piece again."

"I was numb. Diagnosed with a stage 4, rare blood lymphoma for over nine years and dealing with worsening symptoms had left me with no hope. I was not encouraged that the cancer was not aggressive, rather it seemed like a version of water board torture that took all my joy and peace and gave me continuous pain. To leave this earth seemed to be a win win situation. I would no longer hurt and I would get to spend eternity with Jesus."

“A woman had come for ministry after spending a large sum of money and a month of her life at a Healing Center. I ask her what she needed from Jesus and why she had come for prayer. She explained that she had dipped into her inheritance to get some healing and after weeks of counsel and prayer the minister simply told her she was very broken. She was devastated."

Beth Shalom

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“Be not conformed to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”
Monte Bromiley

Monte Bromiley has developed this ministry over many years, seeking continuous prayerful direction from God. As she sought God’s solutions to her own challenges, she also found out that friends and even strangers were looking to her for help.  She continually sought the Lord’s guidance in how to find godly solutions to human problems.  Monte never set out to establish a ministry, but more and more people were looking to her for ministry and guidance.

God led Monte to deep insights into His teachings and gave her powerful tools for setting people free. This powerful healing ministry grew and Monte felt called by God to get ordained and do the ministry full time. God has worked through her to bring profound healing and transformation to many thousands of people. 

Hugh Bromiley

Back in the 80s Hugh was working as a teacher, when God called him by name and said, “Hugh, I want you to work for me.”   Hugh attended seminary at Trinity College Bristol, and at Westminster College Oxford, receiving a Master in Theology with Distinction. He was ordained as an Anglican priest by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

After twenty-five years of pastoring churches, Hugh felt led to follow his passion and devote himself full time into the healing ministry.  In 2014 he met Monte and encountered the ministry of Beth Shalom and the Lord told him “This is the work I have for you to do.”  True love was in the air and Hugh and Monte got married that year and partnered together to bring deep spiritual and emotional healing to people, using Christ’s way of Beth Shalom.

Teaching People To Minister Inner Healing

Equipping the Saints

Our mission is to equip the saints by training leaders, helping them to find true wholeness and be more effective in their life and ministries. One of the ways we do this is by offing workshops and conferences around the nation. Texas, Georgia, Louisiana, California and Florida are just some of the states where we regularly have speaking engagements. Every month we offer a training workshop in Staples, Texas. These take place on a Monday from 10:00am – 2:00pm. Donations are appreciated, but there is no charge to attend. Check the calendar for workshop dates and locations.

We also offer teaching CDs. These are very engaging recordings of conferences and workshops. The teachings all speak on the principles of finding lasting inner healing and true spiritual and emotional freedom. These CDs are a great way to learn more from the comfort of your vehicle or home.