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Welcome to Beth Shalom Ministries

Beth Shalom is a ministry of inner healing. Shalom means ‘nothing missing; nothing broken, and the absence of chaos’. Through a specific God-led way of deep prayer and spiritual counseling, we see lives miraculously changed. The stories of transformation are amazing!

Setting People Free

Our objective is to set people free from the negative patterns in their life that limit and frustrate them. We know that God can change them and turn them into peaceful, joyful and purposeful people.


“Be not conformed to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

Monte is the pioneer and founder of Beth Shalom Ministry. Over a period of years the Lord gave her powerful insights and remarkable tools for effecting deep inner healing, and bringing deliverance from recurring destructive patterns. Hugh partners with her in providing one on one Beth Shalom sessions; and in teaching others how they can prayerfully set people free. Both Monte and Hugh are ordained ministers with many years of practical experience in the healing ministry. They also travel across the country and around the world, teaching people this unique and powerful approach to ministry.

Equipping the Saints

Teaching people to minister inner healing

Our mission is to equip the saints by training leaders, helping them to find true wholeness and be more effective in their life and ministries. One of the ways we do this is by offing workshops and conferences around the nation. Texas, Georgia, Louisiana, California and Florida are just some of the states where we regularly have speaking engagements. Every month we offer a training workshop in Staples, Texas. These take place on a Monday from 10:00am – 2:00pm. Donations are appreciated, but there is no charge to attend. Check the calendar for workshop dates and locations.

We also offer teaching CDs. These are very engaging recordings of conferences and workshops. The teachings all speak on the principles of
finding lasting inner healing and true spiritual and emotional freedom. These CDs are a great way to learn more from the comfort of your
vehicle or home. Please check the website shop.

Schedule Speaking Engagements

To book the Bromileys for a speaking engagement or ministry visit to your area, Contact us via email at:

hughbromiley@gmail.com or bethshalom814@gmail.com


“I have never in my 65 years of life experienced prayer like I received from Monte. The Holy Spirit pulled out of my soul, the iniquities and sins of unforgiveness that had controlled me most of my life. To say I felt free just doesn’t sound adequate. It was so wonderful to not have a constant battle within my brain. The demons were silent. I felt peace and joy…”



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*Note* There are 30 seconds of silence at the beginning of teaching